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Mark Lovewell

Mark Lovewell grew up in Newfoundland and Bermuda, before moving to Red Deer, Alberta, to attend high school. He discovered a passion for economics during his undergraduate years at the University of Alberta. After earning his M.A. in the history of economic thought at the University of Toronto, where he was a resident at Massey College at the time when Robertson Davies was its Master, he spent several years at Balliol College, Oxford.

In 1981, Mark Lovewell began teaching economics at Ryerson University, and has enjoyed witnessing the institution's evolution since then. His own professional evolution has turned him into a rather eclectic-minded economist. Besides teaching at Ryerson, he was for several years a senior tutor at the University's distance education arm, Open College, and worked intermittently as a broadcaster on Toronto's classical, jazz, and education radio station (now JAZZ-FM).

Between 2003 and 2007, Professor Lovewell was Director of Ryerson University's humanities-based Arts and Contemporary Studies program, and participated in teaching two of the degree's foundation courses: Learning and Development Strategies (ACS 102), and Ideas that Shape the World I (ACS 100). His journalistic interests continue unabated - though now in the medium of print rather than in radio. He is a contributing editor at the Literary Review of Canada (the LRC), this country's answer to the New York Review of Books. Besides his editorial work, he is the author of an economics textbook, Understanding Economics (published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson), now in its seventh edition. Before his retirement from Ryerson in 2015, he served interim stints as Chair of Ryerson’s Department of English, Director of its School of Occupational and Public Health, Dean of Arts and Secretary of Senate.

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